Toner purchase made easy

On you can exchange your toners, maintenancekits, inks and ribbons for money. Within the scope of this blog, we want to inform you about news concerning the business as whole and, more specific, our company.

The focus of our work is the purchasing and the acquisition of obsolete supplies. Those no longer needed toners have no use for you – and are valuable capital that is just lying around. A bigger lot of those could be a part of excess stock, a hardware renewal or originate in as part of insolvency. We offer our services and our first-class contact to private individuals as well as companies – and guide you the whole way.

At the same time we are able to offer a buyout of new, unused or used printer hardware and technology. This includes, but is not limited to printers, plotters and multipurpose printers of all kinds.

Thanks to our free of charge collection, no further costs arise – and just a quick call or a short mail is all the effort you need. Important in this case is merely that the offered goods are appropriate for the German market. Other items are unfortunately excluded from our service.

Aside from the economic benefits there is the environmental factor as well. In hindsight of the many used and limited resources and materials used in those cartridges or printers, we can save the environment by answering the purpose for which they were meant – usage in your home or office. If they end their lifespan they’ll be added to the natural cycle.

Since the printer and printing business in a state of constant flux, it could be hard for some to keep up with the advancement of the related technology. We want to offer you the opportunity to inform yourself quickly and uncomplicated about current news and events regarding printers, toners and related accessories.

At the same time you can find information about our company, our business and our purchase department on this page, especially special offers regarding our current demand of toners, inks and ribbons. We would therefore be very grateful if we could welcome you as a guest of our blog in the future as well.