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Proof of authenticity of Hewlett Packard toner cartridges:

While the purchasing of toner cartridges at (legal) third-parties is a conscious decision and the buyer shoulders the risk alone, counterfeits are more than a simple nuisance, not just for the customer. Fake cartridges not just produce a bad print image, a loss in quality and damage the manufacturer, but they endanger the functionality of the printer as well. The possibility of permanently damaging the printer exists. At the same time, the authenticity of a genuine HP cartridge is easy to check. Continue reading

Things to know about the functionality of laser printers:

The functional principle of the laser printers is based on static electricity. With a photoelectrical coated drum, which is at first charged negatively through the charging corona or the charging rollers, it is possible that through an impinging ray of light that hits a rotating mirror, a portrayal of the page will be depicted. The charge will be maintained as long as the darkness. If the rays of light, called lasers, hit the mirror and then the drum, there will be a partial discharge at the exposed points. On these exposed and discharged areas, the toner will stick to apply graphics or texts. The toner powder is negatively charged as well and reacts magnetic if it’s a one-component toner whereas two component toners are composed of iron particles. Continue reading